You don’t have to take the plunge to support a Polar Dip

From Reston, Virginia all the way up to Bangor, Maine, it’s safe to say most of us have packed away our swim suits in exchange for sweaters.  But, for some Camp Sunshine supporters, it’s indeed bathing suit season!  Eleven “bone-chilling, heart-warming” Polar Dips are on schedule to take place in 2014 for those brave enough to don a bathing suit in winter and take the plunge.

I am not a fan of cold water – and I’m sure there are health risks associated with submerging in frigid water – but I am all for supporting Camp Sunshine, a one-of-a-kind retreat in Casco, Maine for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families.  You won’t see me at a Polar Dip in a bathing suit, but you might see me there supporting a friend who happens to be “dipping.”  Here’s how:  I could bring a towel, wrapped in a warmed up microwave heating pad, like the adorable Maine Warmers Polar Bear.  I’d  transport the warm bear and towel  in a cooler, which will insulate and keep them warm.  Won’t my Polar Dipping friend be relieved when I offer her a warm towel upon exiting the water?

The idea of a warmed towel isn’t just for Polar Dips.  You could warm a bath towel for a baby or elderly person to use after a bath, especially in a drafty house.  Or bring one to the local YMCA for use in the chilly locker room after a swim lesson or shower.  It only takes a few minutes to microwave a warmer, wrap it with a towel and zip it up inside a cooler bag. It’s easier than packing lunch.  Try it and let us know if it’s worth it.

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