Dachshund Neck Warmer Giveaway

Hot diggity dog! This week’s Facebook giveaway is sure to make you smile, especially if you’re a dog lover. The winner will get a Dachshund Neck Warmer, one of our top selling Comforting Creatures!  Collage of two Dachshund Neck Warmers on bed and pregnant woman using heating pad for low back pain

The Dachshund Neck Warmer Giveaway will begin on Thursday, March 5th.

For a chance to win:

1. Go to the Maine Warmers Facebook page and “Follow” us and your name will go into the drawing.

2. If you’re already following us, look for the Dachshund Neck Warmer Giveaway Post and hit “Share” and your name will go into the drawing again.

Winner will be announced Thursday, March 12th.

3-12-15  Congratulations to the Hot Dog winner, Janet Amidon!

Man using microwave Dachsund Neck heating pads to relax stiff neck muscles

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