Not-so-Grinchy Grandma

I felt like a Grinchy grandmother when I refused to buy some toys for my grandchildren the day after Thanksgiving. After a trip to the Children’s Museum, we stopped to buy a winter coat for my grandson in a small Maine department store and had to walk past several shelves of glittery toys. My grandson and granddaughter were hot to buy one of anything and a bit surprised (and disappointed) when I told them I had no cash.

They must have sensed a hesitation in my voice as they offered several good arguments (including using my credit card) to convince me otherwise. I gently explained that I would rather give them each a few dollars to save for toys they really wanted, rather than spend a few bucks on cheap ones that would soon find homes in a landfill. They weren’t buying it, and with the skill of what seemed like the Harvard debate team, they continued to argue. Finally I saw an opportunity for a life lesson. So, I stiffened my tone, and stood my ground. It was a grim walk back to the car.

But on the drive to their house the tone changed from sad to happy as we talked about the things in life that are of value to them and bring them the most joy. They surprised me, talking not about toys, but about activities they have enjoyed with their mom and dad, the summer camp experiences, and videos (of course).

After we pulled into their driveway, I gave each grandchild a kiss and hug with the promise of a few bucks to slip into their piggy banks. As I drove away I didn’t feel like a Grinch at all.  And I came through with my promise the very next day when we took a trip to the playground.

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This post appeared in the December issue of the Maine Warmers December 2011 e-Newsletter.