12 Tips to save cash & be GREEN!

 Help the environment & cash in!

  1. Cut worn-out t-shirts, sheets, & bath towels into small pieces to use as rags instead of paper towels. Launder when necessary and re-use or throw them away.
  2. Store portions of cut veggies in a large plastic container in the refrigerator instead of covering each individual portion with plastic wrap. 
  3. Plan and write a menu for the week. Extra trips to the grocery store can easily add to your food bill, waste time, and add to your gas bill.
  4. Use a clothes line or rack to dry clothing instead of a dryer — you’ll save on energy costs and clothes won’t wear out as fast.  
  5. Take stock of the clothing you have before shopping and make a list of what you need — discourages impulse buying. Look in consignment shops and Goodwill Stores for accessories and jewelry that can add a little pizzazz or color to an outfit you are tired of wearing but have not worn out.
  6. Buy children’s clothing, toys, & books at garage sales.
  7. Borrow books and DVDs, especially children’s, from a public library instead of buying them. Children outgrow these items anyway, and this way they don’t get bored with the same old ones.
  8. Drive 55 – 60 MPH on the highway. Speed over 60 MPH increases gas usage exponentially (according to Click n’ Clack).
  9. Wait until you have your seatbelts fastened before you start your car. It won’t seem like much of a savings, but over time those added moments add up, especially with high gas prices today!
  10. Combine errands to save time, fuel, & wear and tear on your vehicle.
  11. Take advantage of Maine Warmers’ e-Newsletter specials to save on gifts that people will love. Plus, you have a chance each month to win a free Maine Warmer! 
  12. A massage costs $35 to $75 per hour. Take a rest with your Maine Warmer instead. You’ll feel great and save!

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