A comforting gift for a special companion

Daytona, the Dachshund, is enjoying the warmth and companionship of a Maine Warmers’ Cozy Sheep heating pad.

Pet Dachsund w sheep warmer

Does your pet use a Maine Warmer?

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Dogs and cats with arthritis enjoy the heat as it helps improve flexibility.

Heat is one of the oldest home remedies for a variety of ailments. It’s the perfect get well gift for a pet.

  • Washable cover
  • Portable – no wires as with conventional electric heating pads
  • Safe — No worry of overheating, as with an electric heating pad.
  • Our unique designs can be used over and over again for either heat or cold therapy.

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One customer told us that on winter mornings, her dog would sit and shiver in front of her until she heated up the Back Warmer and laid it on his bed.

Another customer ordered a couple of Back Warmers to use for his horses. He wanted to warm the bridle bits before placing them in the horses’ mouths on bitter winter days in Montana.

pet heating pad

Our own Hot Dog and Cozy Cat provide comforting companionship with the following benefits:

  • No shedding
  • No claws
  • No litter boxes or pooper-scoopers
  • No vet bills
  • No messy pet food
  • No allergic reactions

Some dogs and cats love the warmth and comfort of a Maine Warmer, while others think they have found a bag of popped corn and will eat it.

Check our Back Warmer Sale page for savings on warmers for pets.

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Updated September 2013